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We are doing a assignment in language were we needed to check out elections website and see who we would vote for. Me personally I would vote for conservatives because Stephen harper has lots of thing he is going to change for adults and children instead of all the other parties i have read i also trust him to do so because I think he is responsible and he seems really nice.

here are all the links to website’s my teacher Mr. Carson gave to us to use.

So tell me who you think to be priminister.

Blog Story

Living with thermal expansion and contraction

One day Cameron and Zack were at the fair. It was very cold and the balloon that they won was un-inflated so they ask the clown if they could have another.  The clown said “no but I can pump up your balloon if you like”. Cameron and Zack say “yes please” and Cameron says “we should give this to our sister”

“What for!!” Zack says with anger “we were going to play keep it up like we said we would!” 

“Were too young for balloons anyways and my sister is one little girl even though she is 15” said Cameron

“ok” said Zack. They get home from the carnival and gave Cameron’s sister the balloon then they went over to Zack’s to play black ops and Halo Reach. They came back because they were allowed to have a sleep over. They went upstairs and greeted their sister who was irritated for some reason they say “what’s wrong”

Their sister replies “what’s wrong!!!” “you idiot didn’t you know that when you over-inflate balloon on a cold day then when you come into a house and they pop!?!?!” the boys laugh and say “no sorry” but they fall over on the floor with tears in their eyes and roll into the room that they were going to sleep in. They have a good time and pull an all-nighter.

What Is Compassion??

Hello I’m Cameron w and I am going to talk to you about compassion what it is an how you can use it in everyday life.

compassion’s definition a deep awareness’s of an another persons sympathy. Here is a link to a news head line why don’t you take the time to check it out In this article it talks about a girl wanting people to drop fliers for their lawn for the concern of the Heene family. The who is the Heene family. The what is the concern for the boy.The when is October 15.The where was in the at the center of the balloon spectacle.The why is because their 6 year old son ran away from balloon.

Now that you know what compassion is give other people compassion when they are hurt sad or don’t know what to do give them compassion and try to make them happy.

If you have any questions i would be glad to answer check out my classes blogs on my links and leave comment’s for their awesome work.

Blogging challange!!

Hello boys and girls of all age to my blog thanks for stopping by!! But really after u check out my blog you may want to go to the student blogging challenge.

The student blogging challenge is something people put up to improve your blog in challenging way’s for example challenge #7 you have to go to our blog read the posts over rate your blog on a scale of 1-10 and then say what you think you did good on your blog and something you need to add in or do something that attracts the reader’s attention. Then you have to go and fix everything and then rate your blog again.So now you know a bit about the bloging challange so go improve your blog. Also check out thease to improve ur blog as well.

Here is the link to the blogging challange

How Math Terms Can Help You in everyday life!

Hi I’m Cameron w as some of you may know from resent post’s . Anyways if you don’t that’s fine to. Today I’m talking to you about how math terms can help you in school.

 I think they can help you because if you are stuck on a question that has a math term that you don’t know what are you going to do well I would ask the teacher what it means if I was in that situation. They can help you in your job for example you are a repair man and you need 10 L of paint and the store only has 150 ml of paint? Then you could easily say that you would need whatever number that it is. You see we all use math terms in our everyday life in our work school and in play for example I have a pool table so I would needs to know my angels.

So this is what i think terms are if you have another opinion I would love to hear it.

My Goals To Set

I have lots of goals but these three are the most important. My first goal for school is working on my mistakes and my grammar because it really takes away from my writing my teacher Mr. Carson commented on my work “Watch for those little conventional errors that take away from your work.”  The secant one for out of school is joining new teams and new sports because I need to get more active. My third and final goal is to get the perfect attendance award because  haven’t got it yet and I think I can do it this year. what are your goals?!?!?!?!?

comment’s, comment’s ,comment’s I get none of them!

Hi I’m Cameron w and i need you people  to help me out with my blog by commenting on my things i put on that i need to work on! do you have a blog and no one comments on it. Well that’s me I have had visitors but no one commented on it which I need to make my writing better. don’t you want to get good writing marks well I do so please comment I’m on my knees begging please.

Our School Spirit

Hello boys and girls I am Cameron W and I’m going to tell you a thing we do in Mount Pleasant School.

A thing we do in our school is education earnings that are mostly like the parent world where you have to pay rent for your home debt and credit. Also we have to make money so we do school jobs and you get $250 for every week. There is daily physical activities and just helping someone out. Of course all of the earnings are not $250 it can range between $50-2000. Another thing we do is obviously dept. Dept for educational earnings is desk rent $1000 education earnings and if you don’t complete an assignment that would be $250 for each incomplete assignment. If you get 4 or more depts. You do not pass go or collect 800 education earnings.

So now you know a bit about educational earnings, what do you think we should add in?